Virginia Tech Regional Mathematics Contest at FGCU

The Virginia Tech Regional Mathematics Contest (VTRMC) is math competition sponsored each fall by the Mathematics Department at Virginia Tech.  More than 200 colleges and universities throughout the country participate each year. 

Contestants at each participating school take the two and one-half hour exam on their own campus under the supervision of one of their own faculty members.  The content of the exam is based on many areas of undergraduate mathematics, but there are usually one or two challenging questions (out of 7 total) that are accessible to strong Calculus students.  Other questions may also challenge students knowledgeable in upper-division mathematics, e.g. Number Theory, Abstract Algebra, Analysis, etc.  For more information (e.g. previous exams with solutions), please visit  There is no cost for taking the exam and our mathematics department provides snacks, drinks, and lunch during the day of the exam.

If you are interested in participating and would like to be added to the VTRMC email list, please contact the local supervisor for the VTRMC at FGCU, Dr. Alberto A. Condori, via email at  Only students who are enrolled in the VTRMC will get further details, such as:

  • Problem-solving sessions (depending on interest and availability),
  • Location of the exam, etc.

In response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the 42nd VTRMC is being postponed; tentatively, it will take place during the Spring of 2021.

FGCU participants of the 41st VTRMC: Mireya Cruz-Cruz, Viktoriya Bardenova, Tom Shlomi, and Lars J. Nilsen

Last update:  September 21, 2020.