Cara D. Brooks, Ph. D.

Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics
Faculty Lead, Women in STEM Living Learning Community (WiSTEM LLC)
Florida Gulf Coast University
10501 FGCU Blvd. South
Fort Myers, FL 33965-6565
206 Whitaker Hall

Mathematical Interests:

Inverse and Ill-posed problems, Linear Algebra, Matrix Analysis and Pseudospectra, Integral Equations, and Numerical Analysis.

Recent papers:

  1. C.D. Brooks, A.A. Condori, and N. Seguin. Polynomially isometric matrices in low dimensions. American Math. Monthly, to appear.

  2. C.D. Brooks and P.K. Lamm. (2019) An improved first-order local regularization method for ill-posed Volterra equations. J. Math. Anal. App. 477, no.1, 437-462.

  3. C.D. Brooks and A.A. Condori (2018) A resolvent criterion for normality. American Math. Monthly, 125 no. 2, 149-156.

  4. C.D. Brooks and P.K. Lamm (2014) A discrepancy principle for the generalized local regularization of linear inverse problems. Journal of Inverse and Ill-posed Problems, 22 no. 1, 95-119.

  5. C.D. Brooks and P.K. Lamm (2011) A generalized approach to local regularization of linear Volterra Problems. in L^p spaces. Inverse Problems 27 055010

  6. C.D. Brooks, P.K. Lamm, and X. Luo (2010) Local regularization of non-linear Volterra problems of Hammerstein type. J. Integral Equ. Appl. 22 393–425

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