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Why Study Economics? (undergraduate level)

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Why Study Economics? (graduate level)

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Economics Blogs

Division of Labour
Written by about 10 different people, a few of whom are friends or acquaintances of mine.

Marginal Revolution
This is one of the most popular economics blogs, written by Tyler Cowen (one of my professors when I was a grad student at George Mason) and Alex Tabarrok (also an economics professor at George Mason).

Peter Gordon's Blog
Peter Gordon is a professor at the University of Southern California. His blog focuses primarily on urban economics related issues from a free-market perspective.

Café Hayek
This blog focuses on issues from the perspective of the late Nobel Laureate economist Friedrich von Hayek. It is written by Don Boudreaux and Russ Roberts, both economics professors at George Mason University.

This one is written by Bryan Caplan (another former professor of mine at George Mason) and Arnold Kling.

The Austrian Economists
Another blog written by one of my former George Mason professors (Pete Boettke) along with some other George Mason folks.

Cato @ Liberty
The official blog of the Cato Institute, where I worked for seven years before grad school.

Why Study Economics? (undergraduate level)

The American Economic Association: Undergraduate Economics Web Pages

South-Western Publishing: The Economics Degree

Occupational Outlook Handbook for Economists
From the U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics.

"11 most-wanted degrees in '11"

PayScale College Salary Report

"For Class of '08, A Scramble for Jobs"
April 2008 article with average starting salaries for various majors including economics.

"8 Highest-Paid College Degrees In 2012"

Other Resources for Students

Library of Economics and Liberty, College Economics Topics

Why Study Economics? (graduate level)

The American Economic Association: Graduate Study in Economics Web Pages Applying to Graduate School in Economics Resources Economics, Choosing a Graduate School

Advice for students considering grad school in economics
Marginal Revolution Link 1
Marginal Revolution Link 2
From Tyler Cowen, one of my professors at George Mason University.

Why Get an Econ Ph.D? Economics Graduate Programs
Mainly a list of links to specific programs at individual universities.

Grad school advice flowchart

Other Stuff

Collection of podcasts on economics issues, hosted by Russ Roberts, economics professor at George Mason University.
Reason Magazine's collection of videos on public policy issues from a libertarian perspective, including many by comedian Drew Carey.

Institute for Humane Studies
A non-profit foundation located at George Mason University whose mission is to advance a freer society by supporting students, recent graduates, and academics interested in the ideas of liberty with scholarships, fellowships, free student seminars, etc.

Politopia Political Quiz
Find out where your views place you on the political spectrum, not the standard left-right spectrum, but a more comprehensive diamond-shaped one.

Professor Brad Hobbs' website
Nice website by my FGCU colleague.

FGCU Economics Program

Prof. Hobbs' 2011-2012 Annual Report for his BB&T Professorship in Free Enterprise

Praise for FGCU Economics Program from the Foundation for Economic Education

Cato on Campus website
Introduction to the ideas of liberty for college students.

Business Observer article on FGCU's economics program column on FGCU's economics program





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