Narrow horizontalToshi Urakawa’s Environmental Microbiology Laboratory

Department of Marine and Ecological Sciences

Coastal Watershed Institute

Florida Gulf Coast University

Thank you for visiting my homepage. In my laboratory, we study very small life forms called microorganisms. Microorganisms are the oldest life forms and existed on Earth for billions of years before animals and plants appeared. Long evolutionary history of microorganisms created the great diversity that far exceeds that of the animals and plants. This huge diversity accounts for some of the spectacular properties of microorganisms. They inhabit everywhere on Earth even in the boiled hot water. Microorganisms play key roles in the biogeochemical cycles. They are also important for biodegradation of various pollution sources. Lines of evidences suggested that the microbial biomass on Earth is greater than that of terrestrial plants. Some bacteria live as symbiotic forms in various animals and plants. You will be surprised at strategies of microorganisms to adapt various environments. I am happy to have you in my laboratory and conduct interesting research together!