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Here are some details about Hoevler's ruling in Miami-Dade County--


Please note that although Kevin has Hoevler's July 13, 2007 ruling posted as

the 4 pdf files at, that

is Hoevler's "Order Supplementing Court's Order of March 22, 2006."


Hoevler's 3/22/06 ruling is equally worthy of posting and goes into grave

detail over the attempts by the mining industry and regulatory agencies to

cover up or ignore the role of mine blasting in the benzene contamination of

the municipal well field.


Attached are the pdf files (pages 1-50 etc) of the judge's initial


Part 1 pages 1-50

Part 2 pages 51-100

part 3 pages 101-150

part 4 pages 151- end




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