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Case Studies

Air Water Food Toxics  Waste Trade  Nature


Recent U.S. Air Pollution Cases:

  1. EPA reaches agreement with Trialco on clean-air violations

  2. EPA cites Stroh Die Casting for clean-air violations

  3. EPA cites Northshore mining for clean-air violations

  4. Fine Proposed Against US Surgical for Clean Air Violations in North Haven, Conn.

  5. Fine Proposed Against Kraft Foods for Clean Air Violations in Woburn, Mass.

  6. EPA cites Concast Birmingham for clean-air violations

  7. EPA reaches agreement with Anchor Glass on clean-air violations

  8. EPA cites Honeywell Analytics for clean-air violations 

  9. EPA cites Blommer Chocolate for clean-air violations 

  10. EPA cites Remelt Services for clean-air violations 

  11. Trail Smelter Case on US and Canada Pollution in 1937, by David B. Higgins

  12. US and Venezuela Gas Export and WTO Case, by Jay Krasnow

  13. Grand Canyon Air Pollution and Tourism, by Dawn Lanette Mumford

  14. Mexican Power Plants and US Air Pollution, by Douglas R. Freeman 

  15. US Air Abatement and Pollution Alleviation Plans, by David Field 

  16. US Clean Air Act and WTO, David Field

  17. US Hydrogen Bomb Tests and Fish and Human Impacts, by Atsuko Toi


Recent Water And Water Pollution Cases   

  1. New Britain, Conn. Pays Fines for Wastewater Violations at City's Facilities

  2. EPA Settles Clean Water Act Case Against Dlesk Realty for Filling Stream

  3. National Developer Cited for Clean Water Act Violations at Raymore, Missouri Site

  4. North Carolina Transportation Official Indicted for Clean Water Act, Rivers and Harbor Act

  5. City of Fitchburg, Mass. Fined for Stormwater Violations

  6. MA and NH Developers Agree to Pay Penalties for Storm Water Violations;

  7. Conn. DPW to Pay Over $38,000 To Settle EPA Claims of Clean Water Act Violations

  8. Biddeford, Maine Mill Owner Agrees to Pay $12,000 to Settle Clean Water Violations

  9. EPA fines Guam Waterworks Authority $32,000 for failure to meet federal court order requirements

  10. EPA fines oil producer $40,000 for oil spill and water violations

  11. New River, Mexico Pollution and US Trans-Border Impacts, by Ted Pauw

  12. Rio Grande River, Water Use and Pollution, and Relation to Trade, by Patrick Sanders

  13. Canada-US Water Trade, by Mohammed Karroum

  14. Everglades and Sugar, by Kimberly L. Mott

  15. Beach Closings: Science versus Public Perception. By Erika T. Jensen and Sandra L. McLellan


Food and the Environment

  1. Mexican Pesticides, Worker Health and US Food Imports, by Colleen Tighe

  2. Costa Rica Pesticides, Worker Health & Agricultural Exports, by Junko Saito & Odera Odenyo

  3. Medfly and Fruit in California, by Christopher Duvall

  4. US-Mexico Tomato Dispute and Environment, by Jeffrey Franco

  5. US-Mexico Avocado Dispute and Insect Infestation, by Mike Strollo

  6. EU-US Soybean Gene Dispute, by Jamey Butcher

  7. U.S. Apples Are Not So Red Delicious and Mexico's Apple Import, by Ben Singer

  8. Cajun, Crawfish, and China, by Christine Carrillo

  9. Maryland Blue Crabs, Pollution and Trade, by Meg Weems

  10. Wheat and US China Relations, by Peter Wright

  11. US-EU Banana Dispute, by Kathleen Dean

  12. Canola and Genetics Trade, by Catarine Wikman

  13. To Label or Not: That is the Question, by Kimberley Sampson

  14.  GM food: science, safety and society, by Peter Kearns


Recent Cases Involving Toxic Substances

  1. U.S. EPA settles with Southern California resins and coatings company for failing to submit timely toxic reports

  2. U.S. EPA settles with Fremont, Calif. industrial safety products company for failing to submit timely toxic reports

  3. U.S. EPA receives $259,472 in clean up costs at former Alhambra toxic waste facility

  4. U.S. EPA settles with Southern California plumbing supplies company for failing to submit timely toxic reports

  5. U.S. EPA settles with Southern California waste recovery firm for toxic chemical reporting violations

  6. U.S. EPA settles with Southern California electronics firm over toxic chemical release reporting violations

  7. U.S. EPA reduces fine for Petaluma company from $27,719 to zero for self reporting violations; Helix Polycold reported and corrected toxic chemical release information

  8. First Toxic Air Pollutant Risk Standards Strengthen Coke Oven Controls

  9. Los Angeles chemical firm agrees to pay U.S. EPA $53,749 to resolve reporting violations

  10. Three Companies Voluntarily Self-Disclose and Correct Environmental Violations

  11. US Waste Exports to Mexico, by Douglas R. Freeman


Recent Cases Involving Waste Management:

  1. Los Angeles Man Sentenced to 37 Months in Jail For Mishandling Hazardous Waste

  2. International Prosecution for Mishandling of Hazardous Waste Nets More Than $2 Million in Restitution, Fines, Community Service

  3. Nashua, N.H. Manufacturer Fined for Hazardous Waste Violations

  4. Portland ME College to Pay $60,000 for Violating Hazardous Waste Laws

  5. EPA Settles Hazardous Waste Case with the State of Massachusetts Case Sparks Change in State Contractor Policy

  6. K Steel Settles Lawsuit Over Environmental Violations at Butler Mill - Steelmaker to Pay $300,000 Penalty and $900,000 in Pollution Reduction Projects to Settle Hazardous Waste, Air and Water Pollution Violations

  7. Former Wrecking Yard Owner Arrested on Illegal Disposal Charges

  8. Delaware Solid Waste Authority Settles Clean Air Act Violations at Wilmington Landfill

  9. EPA cites Leed Foundry for hazardous waste and storm water violations

  10. FMC Settles Hazardous Waste Violations in Baltimore

  11. US Recycling Laws, Trade with Canada and Forest Impact, by Kerry Schwed

  12. Waste Management of Missouri pays settlement - Municipal Recycling 

  13. Million Dollar Oil Clean Up Completed

  14. Agriculture Street Landfill: Environmental Justice Case Study by Alicia Lyttle

  15. The 1996 Drought in the United States: Case Study. By D. A. Wilhite


Environment & Trade Cases:

  1. Bangladesh US Waste, by Rina Dey

  2. US-Mexico Lapaz Agreement, by Kevin Cuddy

  3. US Canada Lobster Feud, by Michaelle Burstin and Amy Craft

  4. NAFTA Trade Treaty and Environmental Aspects, by Dwaine Priestly

  5. Option 9 US Forest Plan and US Exports, by by David Dalbec

  6. Ontario, Environmental Tax on Beer Cans and US Trade Dispute, by Kathyrn T. Bunting

  7. US China Panda Trade, by Ruby Lau

  8. US Shrimp Import Ban and Sea Turtle Loss, by Jenny Jones

  9. US and Canada Timber Trade Dispute, by Nina Joshi

  10. US Auto Taxes and Trade, Allene Kim

  11. US Timber Subsidies and Exports, by Jim Lee

  12. US Mexico Border, by Ben Singer

  13. US-EU Banana GATT Case, by Lauren E. Crowley

  14. Exxon Valdez Crash, by Lauren E. Crowley

  15. Wild Pacific Northwest Mushrooms and Trade with Japan, by Heather Boyles

  16. Mesquite Trees, Deforestation and Trade, by Stephanie Haller

  17. US Superfund Cleanup Import Taxes and GATT Case, by

  18. Mexico's Cement Exports to the US and the Dispute on It, by Robert Cook

  19. The US Guantanamo Base in Cuba and its Environmental Aspects, by Stephen A. Lisio

  20. Sardine Trade and Environment in History, by Kenneth Clark

  21. NAFTA, Safety and Truck Trade, by Mark C. DeMier (with sound)

  22. Christmas Tree Trade Dispute, by Chris Visser

  23. Tonle Sap Biosphere Reserve (Cambodia) by Min Bunnara and Cornelis van Tuyll


Species and Natural Resources Cases (TED) (ICE

  1. North American Bird Migration Treaty, by Stephanie L. Turner and E. Amber Ammons

  2. Monarch Butterfly, by Carl Scott

  3. GATT Tuna Dolphin Case, by Nina Joshi 

  4. Hawaii's Alien Species, by Christopher Clowery 

  5. Shrimp, Turtle Excluder Devices and Trade, by Catherine Sebold

  6. Colorado River Dispute, by Julie Ferguson 

  7. Mussels, Trade and Invasive Species, by Michael C.E. Liles   

  8. Geese Population Growth in the US and Environmental Problems, by Jason B. Silberberg

  9. Yellowstone Mining, Foreign Investment and the Environment, by Michael Goulet

  10.  Summit Mine (Colorado) and Pollution, by Jennifer Gavin  

  11. Tuna3: Opposition to the 1997 Approach of Easing Restrictions, by Amanda Marx  

  12. United States-Canada Salmon Dispute, by Karen E. Smith   

  13. Yosemite and Eco-Tourism, by Stephanie F. Goeller   

  14. EU/US Slaughterhouse Dispute over Chickens, by Alisa Pereira

  15. US National Parks and Butterfly Poaching: International Trade Aspects, by Alex Roney  

  16. Alien Species Invasions in Florida and Economic and Environmental Impacts in Florida, by Damian Zimmerman

  17. Alligators in the 90's: From Near-Extinciton to Farms and Exports, by Guillermo Celaya  

  18. Bison, Brucellosis and Beef, by James Wilroy 

  19. Viagra and Species Protection, by Joerg Dreweke  

  20. Pacific Northwest Salmon and Tourism, by Mary Perrin  

  21. Tough Choices: Endangered Species are Keeping Some Landowners Thirsty. by Janet Raloff  

  22. What's Killing the Key Deer? Endangered Species - Values in Conflict. by Roger DiSilvestro

  23. A Partnership to Grow Plovers on the Plains: Protecting Threatened Bird Species. by Chuck Davis  

  24. Panthers in Peril: Endangered Florida panthers back from the brink. by Jenna Bryner

  25. Overview of aerosolized Florida red tide toxins: exposures and effects. by Lora Fleming et al.


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