Session 10

The National Environmental Policy Act

(NEPA Overview; NEPA Grows Teeth; When Must An Agency Prepare An EIS?; Timing; Adequacy Of The EIS; Does It Work?)

Environmental Policy & Law 

 Chapter 12: The National Environmental Policy Act


Class Assignment:

Read the assigned text chapter first and then go through the class topic list and related links below. Be prepared to be examined at the end of session 10 on any or all of the environmental terms, concepts and cases below found in chapter 10 or in the section below. For this week's homework, briefly describe the issues at stake within the following important judicial cases: (In preparing for this assignment, you should review the link provided for this course to help you analyze case law). Choose two of these cases to review. Be aware that for the exam you will need to be familiar with all of these cases.

Additionally, please respond to the following questions regarding NEPA which will count as a portion of the comprehensive examination:

1.        List 3 of the 6 goals of the environmental policy of the federal government outlined in NEPA.

2.        List 2 of the roles the US EPA plays in the NEPA process

3.        CEQ NEPA regulations require that each federal agency prepare procedures to supplement NEPA and the CEQ NEPA regulations. List 3 of the 9 required contents of these procedures.

4.        Compare and contrast NEPA and CEQA requirements with respect to the following: (a) Goal of Legislation and (b) Administration and Clearing House.

5.        Define the following NEPA terms and describe where they fit in the NEPA process:  (a) MASAQHE and (b) Scoping.




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