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Session 12

An Alternate Perspective on Global Warming: Part Two 

Please read the following:

Lewis, Marlo (2006) A Skeptics Guide to An Inconvenient Truth. Washington, DC: Competitive Enterprise Institute. (Powerpoint Slides)

Please view the following film:

 Lawson, Hillary (1990) The Greenhouse Effect. The Lavoiser Group



  1. Lewis asserts that Gore's book and film are filled with erroneous, misleading, speculative and distorted assertions. Provide some examples of these  assertions as they relate to the following topics: glacier melt, artic warming, sea level rise.

  2. The book and the film took a definite political stance. Briefly discuss the political position that the film/ book took in regard to the current U.S. Presidential administration.

  3. Compare the message of the film The Greenhouse Effect  with that of An Inconvenient Truth and explain what common features they share and how they differ.



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