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Welcome! This page provides a gateway to examine in initiative to improve the East Mulloch Drainage District.  It is the storm water system that runs through San Carlos Park in Lee County Florida. 

Mulloch Creek Habitat Improvement Initiative


The San Carlos Park (East Mulloch) Drainage District is sorely underfunded and poorly maintained.

Poorly maintained stormwater drainage systems ultimately negatively effect the health of the estuary by contributing excessive sediment and nutrients.

This initiative was begun to address and try to correct those issues.

map of San Carlos Park

The East Mulloch Drainage District Analysis was commissioned In 2008 by the Lee County Board of County Commissioners and completed by Boyle Engineering . The cost was was over $180,000, nearly three times the annual amout the drainage district collects for maintaince. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the reports and data.

septic or sewer in San Carlos Park

This is a diagram of of San Carlos Park showing where there is septic, sewer and city water. 

The areas in green have city sewer and water. 

The areas in blue have city water and septic while the areas in red have septic and are on well-water

Sponsors of Program include:


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